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JOB TITLE: Certified Tutor
LOCATION: Grainger
PROGRAM: Afterschool
POSITION SUMMARY: Provides tutoring, enrichment activities, and mentoring to students in afterschool program.
• Implement reading/language arts and math enrichment lesson plans/activities.
• Provide homework assistance.
• Implement Attendance Works strategies.
• Implement positive discipline strategies.
• Implement social/emotional skill building activities, such as service learning and coaching.
• Implement hands-on art projects provided by community art educators.
• Implement health, nutrition, and fitness activities.
• Model appropriate positive behavior and attitudes towards learning, school, and in working and communicating positively with others.
• Build positive family relationships.
• Provide daily positive feedback to students.
• Assess student progress and assist Site Coordinator as needed.
• Maintain on-going working relationships with teachers of enrolled students.
• Engage in professional development activities to increase knowledge base.
Education Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in education along with a State Teacher’s Certification required.
Experience Requirements:
• Minimum of two years’ teaching experience preferred.
Other Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Work cooperatively with a wide variety of community service providers in a manner which respects the capacity of all organizations.
Hours and Benefits: Part-time; Non-Exempt.
To Apply: Send resume to: DCEA Human Resources, Attn: Certified Tutor- Grainger, P.O. Box 1218, Morristown, TN 37816, or email to
Cutoff to Apply: 12/31/2022

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