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JOB TITLE: Area Coordinator
LOCATION: Union/Grainger
PROGRAM: Afterschool
POSITION SUMMARY: The role of the Area Coordinator is to supervise multiple programs within the county, oversee daily operation of the afterschool sites, plan, and promote various activities in an afterschool program environment that promote academic excellence, physical activity, healthy eating, positive personal development, as well as engage and support elementary aged children and their families in the community.
• Supervises multiple programs under multiple grant funds within the county/counties.
• Oversees daily operations at project sites.
• Plans activities, recruits volunteers, supervises and trains staff and volunteers.
• Acts as liaison between school and project.
• Works cooperatively with regular school staff and lead tutors to obtain information about academic and behavioral needs and progress.
• Requisitions supplies and materials to support activities.
• Collaborates with school teachers to prepare customized learning programs.
• Assists program lead tutors in conducting program services and serve as fill-in staff as needed.
• Works cooperatively with a wide variety of community service providers in a manner which respects the capacity of all organizations.
Education Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in education along with a State Teacher’s Certification required.
Experience Requirements:
• Minimum of two years’ teaching experience with children and adults, and/or administrative/supervisory position related to the program’s goals and objectives.
Other Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Demonstrated ability and experience in organizing and managing an educational/enrichment program.
• Commitment to assisting students and parent achieve their full potential.
• Ability to work effectively with children with physical, developmental, or learning disabilities.
• Should also have experience in designing/modifying existing educational curricula and materials to meet unique learning needs of individuals.
• Should have appropriate knowledge and sensitivity to low-income participants and in outreach and recruitment of all target groups.
• Ability to work effectively with principals, teachers, program staff, volunteers, parents and students.
• Computer literacy is a must. Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel helpful.
• Must have valid Tennessee driver’s license and proof of liability insurance on automobile.
Hours and Benefits: Full-time; Non-Exempt.
To Apply: Send resume to: DCEA Human Resources, Attn: Area Coordinator- Union/Grainger, P.O. Box 1218, Morristown, TN 37816, or email to
Cutoff to Apply: 12/31/2022

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