JOB TITLE: Site Supervisor



PROGRAM: Senior Nutrition
POSITION SUMMARY:  Under the direction of the Senior Nutrition Director, the Site Supervisor 
manages and coordinates the preparation and delivery of hot and frozen meals to active senior 
citizens at congregate site and homebound participants. Supervises staff and volunteers to ensure 
efficient operations of services, including client support, and routing for meal delivery.

•     Supervises Senior Nutrition staff and volunteers to ensure efficient operation of 
•     Oversee and participate in all daily kitchen activities. Delegates kitchen duties to 
assigned staff and volunteers.
•     Establishes and maintains a system of meal reservation for all meals.
•     Ensures a clean work environment and ensures kitchen equipment is maintained and 
cleaned regularly.
•     Handle participant concerns, complaints, changes, and report to program director.
•     Advise community outreach advocate of client problems and congregate site issues.
•     Ensures staff and volunteers follow all policies and procedures regarding the safe 
handling of food, such as time, temperature, leftover food policy, employee health policy, and 
handwashing procedure.
•     Work cooperatively with the SNP Central Office staff to identify efficient routing 
for drivers.

•     Provides information to kitchen staff regarding how many meals will be served each 
•     Provide route sheets to drivers and volunteers on a daily basis.
•     Ensures all participants receive an appetizing meal that follows standards set by 
ETHRA in a timely manner.
•     Works with office staff and kitchen staff to ensure all food and supplies are 
•     Plans and implements a volunteer recruitment and training program.
•     Assists in preparation, packaging, serving and delivery of meals when needed.
•     Must have access to reliable transportation, valid Tennessee driver’s license and 
proof of liability insurance on vehicle.
Education Requirements:
•     High School Diploma or GED required.
•     ServSafe Certified within 3 months of hire.
Experience Requirements:
•     Experience with meal preparation.
•     Experience with record keeping procedures.
Other Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
•     Have the ability to use standard kitchen equipment and some commercial equipment.
•     Must have access to a reliable vehicle for job related duties.
•     Good communication skills.
•     Basic computer skills.
Hours and Benefits: Part-time; Non-Exempt.
Deadline to apply:

To Apply: Send resume to: DCEA Human Resources, Attn: Site Supervisor, P.O. Box 1218,
Morristown, TN 37816, or email to