Date:                11/3/2021

Program:       Head Start/Early Head Start
Job Title:        Family Advocate/Positive Behavior Support Advocate  
Location:        Sevier County, Underwood


Education/Experience Qualifications:

  • Degree, credential, or certification in social work, human services, family services, counseling, early childhood, or a related field preferred.

  • High School diploma or GED and ability to obtain related degree, credential, or certification in a timely manner required.

  • A natural concern, empathy, and enjoyment of Head Start children and their families.

  • Ability to communicate openly with community resources, professionals, parents, and children.

  • Evidence of emotional stability and maturity; must be flexible and open to change.

  • Basic computer knowledge required.

  • Must have valid Tennessee driver’s license and obtain ‘F endorsement’ after hire.

  • Professionalism in regard to Confidentiality is essential.

  • Knowledge of adverse childhood experiences (ACES) and the impact on children/families.

  • Knowledge of positive behavioral support systems, behavior management, and early intervention.

  • Knowledge of child development and early childhood education.



Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for recruiting children, home visits, completing applications according to federal guidelines.

  • Will utilize existing community resources in meeting families’ physical and financial needs

  • Asist parents in setting goals and working toward self-sufficiency.

  • Ensure all children have complete required medical and dental screenings/exams.

  • Advocate for Head Start families within the program and community.

  • Complete and up-date medical and dental records and follow-up treatments.

  • Ensure accurate and timely data is entered into computer tracking system.

  • Will conduct home visits as scheduled and also as needed.   

  • Provide positive behavioral support and individualized strategies to children, families, and staff.

  • Will directly support staff, children, and families by introducing and modeling research and evidence based procedures.

  • Coordinate with the disabilities/mental health manager, mental health consultant, classroom and family services staff to implement behavioral management systems.

  • Develop positive, nurturing relationships with children and families.

  • Participates in impact team meetings to develop and/or modify strategies to support staff, children, and families. 

  • Provide positive emotional support to seamlessly identify and implement strategies to diminish challenges in the classroom.

  • Advocate for Head Start children, families, and staff.


Hours and Benefits: Full-time, 37.5 hours/week, full year; Non-Exempt.

To Apply: Send application and/or resume to: Human Resources Manager DCEA Head Start/Early Head Start, 127 Cedar Street, Morristown, TN 37814. Applications accepted until position is filled. EO