Date:               11/3/2021

Program:        Head Start/Early Head Start

Job Title:        Cook/Caterer
Location:        Blount County, Mentor


Education/Experience Qualifications:

  • Minimum of high school diploma or GED required.

  • Experience in food service and/or child care preferred.

  • A demonstrated ability in using planned menus to prepare food which is nourishing, appetizing, and appealing to children and an understanding of vital role nutrition plays in a child’s development is essential.

  • A natural concern for and enjoyment of Head Start children and their families; the ability to keep records; and willingness to assist in maintaining proper sanitation, health standards, and safety practices in food preparation and service required.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and serve breakfast and/or snack daily. 

  • Pick-up, deliver, and serve and clean up catered lunches daily.

  • Deliver all food and milk invoices weekly to the Health and Nutrition Manager in meeting special local supply needs in a manner which is consistent with the Program’s purchasing policies.

  • Purchase economical, high-quality foods for meals and/or snacks.

  • Provide for proper food storage under the supervision of the Health and Nutrition Manager.

  • Maintain a sanitary, attractive kitchen which meets all federal interagency day care standards.

  • Serve food in a manner which looks appetizing, is appealing to children, and follows cycle menus as developed.

  • Cooperate with the Health and Nutrition Manager and the Teachers in providing nutrition education for children, Head Start parents, and staff.

  • Keep proper reports and records (food purchases, inventory, food production, menu changes, and meal counts) in order to comply with all USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program requirements.

  • Participate in food-related learning experiences, eat with children, include children in food service, preparation, and clean-up.

  • Maintain a current inventory of all food-service equipment and supplies.

  • Participate in pre-service and in-service training sessions.

  • Work with Health and Nutrition Manager, Teachers, and classroom staff on special nutrition problems.

  • Purchase needed groceries at the grocery store and be able to transport and carry heavy items/groceries from the store to the kitchen.


Hours and Benefits: Part-Time, 28.75 hours/week, school year; Non-Exempt.


To Apply: Send application and/or resume to: Human Resources Manager DCEA Head Start/Early Head Start, 127 Cedar Street, Morristown, TN 37814 or email Applications accepted until 6/14/2021.  EOE.